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Intensive courses

Following feedback from the group ‘Preparing to get Back to Business’ survey, we are providing programmes for an Intensive Advanced Course and an Intensive Observer Training Course. Both courses are compatible for car and bike and can be adapted to suit your group. Observer course guidance has been written for trainee, trainer and organiser.

PPE Supplier

 Further to the announcement in last week’s Inform we regret that we have not been able to conclude arrangements to provide access to a PPE supplier. Groups are encouraged to source PPE equipment as recommended in the guidelines for resuming on-road coaching. It is now widely available in stores and online.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination must be reported

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

Groups are asked to ensure they comply with the Group Handbook Code of Conduct, anti-harassment and bullying policy and complaints policy, following an investigation into a complaint of sexual harassment. All our volunteers, staff and representatives have the right to be treated and treat others with dignity and respect, free from harassment and bullying. Harassment […]