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The IAM RoadSmart Family

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - helping all bikers ride safer.

Christopher Dunn, Vice Chairman of West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists, writes about his delight at how his IAM RoadSmart colleagues from across the country rallied round to provide support when he and his local group needed it. From getting advice on sourcing snazzy new branded kit, to sharing website ideas and building observer development programmes, Chris […]

Driving when unwell

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - helping all bikers ride safer.

While Coronavirus has dominated the health and news agendas of late, for those making essential journeys it’s important to remember that more common conditions like cold and flu, and the medications often taken to alleviate them, can still affect driving and riding performance. Click here to read more

Driving in snow

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - helping ALL bikers ride safer

With temperatures at freezing point and snowfall across much of the UK, here’s a reminder of our tips on how to keep safe if you have to head out on an essential journey in the ice and snow. Click here to read more


Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

The Policy and Research department of IAM RoadSmart, as part of their involvement in an EU funded project called Drive2TheFuture, has engaged with Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) across Europe to understand how they feel about, and what they know about autonomous vehicles. The DVSA has assisted us here in the UK and has informed all […]

Mobile phone legislation

IAM RoadSmart recently responded to the government consultation on closing loopholes in the mobile phone legislation. We supported all their proposals to make it illegal to take pictures and access the internet on a hand held phone while in control of a vehicle. There had been cases where drivers had proved that they were not […]

Important First Aider Information

A recent communication from a Member highlighted that not all paramedics know the latest motorbike helmets are fitted with quick-release ‘pull tabs’. In spring 2019 the Member had a significant collision and suffered a double fracture to his neck. He had an almost new Shoei with emergency tabs for easy removal. Unfortunately, the medics attending […]

Social Media Guidelines Reminder

Social media has the power to influence, engage and connect people with a common cause. For IAM RoadSmart, social media offers huge potential in terms of boosting engagement among volunteers, supporters and experts. Social media can also help us reach new audiences and provide them with road safety advice as well as raising the profile […]

SAM Committee Newsletter

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

Hi SAM Members It was the virtual SAM Committee meeting on Wednesday this week. Here is a summary of what was discussed and a few reminders for you – our very valued members. 1. IAM RoadSmart Membership All SAM members will have received a new membership card from IAM RoadSmart. Receiving your card is a […]

Saturday Meetings Cancelled

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Saturday Meetings Cancelled

Due to revised UK Government restrictions for England, SAM is still cancelling Saturday Meetings at Meadowhall Retail Park until further notice. Whilst the latest COVID-19 restrictions state that you should not go out, other than for essential journeys and with no more than one person from your household, please ensure that everyone follows the guidelines […]

IAM ASDMs Part-Time Furlough

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - SAM member's last ride

Please note that our Area Service Delivery Managers remain on part-time furlough so may take a little longer to respond to queries. The IAM RoadSmart Support team remain on hand to answer your calls and emails as always. Email or call customer services on 0300 303 1134.