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IAM RoadSmart Website

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - IAM RoadSmart website gets a facelift.

The IAM RoadSmart website has receive a new facelift. Take a look and let us know what you think. Dashboard Updates   Please note we have refreshed our homepage to give it a new look for 2021. To access the Dashboard, you will see a ‘Log In’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, […]

IAM RoadSmart – What comes next?

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - What comes next for IAM RoadSmart?

From his career in automotive sales, Tony Greenidge joined IAM RoadSmart as Business Development Director in July 2017 with a contract that required him to pass the Advanced Driver Test, which he did so with a F1RST. From there, his dedication to road safety led him to appointment as CEO appointment during the first national […]

Winter driving

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Winter driving advice for those essential journeys.

Winter driving  No matter what the weather is like right now, it can change in the blink of an eye. So – while we must all stay off the road as much as possible at the moment – if you do have to head out on an essential journey, it is best to be prepared […]

Stopping distances

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - advice on stopping distances

While we must all remain off the road as much as possible at the moment due to COVID-19 restrictions, for those who do need to drive or ride on essential journeys the risk of an incident remains. Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding at IAM RoadSmart, has therefore developed some practical tips on stopping distances, […]

Potholes a growing concern for drivers

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - growing concern over potholes on UK roads

Potholes are perceived by motorists to be a much more significant concern on the road than they were three years ago, overtaking texting and drink driving as a worsening problem according to the findings of a new IAM RoadSmart report. The annual Safety Culture Report, which tracks drivers’ changing attitudes to key road safety issues […]

New crash statistics revealed

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Latest crash statistics

New crash statistics revealed   Figures from the DfT have revealed that UK traffic collisions in the 12 months up to June 2020 were down 16 per cent and road deaths reduced by 14 per cent compared to the equivalent period in the preceding year. While this is good news for road safety generally, the […]

Motorcycle Groups and Bikesafe©

SHeffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Supporting BikeSafe courses

As we slowly move towards some form of normality and spring draws closer, the motorcycle world will be thinking of their machines coming out of the garage and getting back on two wheels. Whilst the motorcycle groups had the opportunity to get in some riding and training in 2020, there is still a huge number […]

RoadSmart magazine – Have your say!

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - RoadSmart Magazine - have your say!

For our Summer 2021 edition of RoadSmart magazine we want to hear from you. Each issue our feature, MY OTHER CAR IS…celebrates a member’s vehicle that is a bit different to the norm. Have you got another vehicle at home? It could be a tank, bus or even an old taxi which comes out to play […]

Beware of ‘Zoom Bombing’

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - IAM RoadSmart says 'Beware of Zoom Bombing'

Since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, people have needed to find alternative ways to communicate with friends and family and in our case, group members. IAM RoadSmart know that many of our groups are using Zoom and various other platforms to hold group meetings, quizzes and other social events. Recently one local group experienced […]

Will your driverless car cope in all weathers and types of traffic?

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclies - driverless car debate

The Policy and Research Department at IAM RoadSmart are now involved in a new UK government funded project to ensure that future autonomous vehicles can cope with all possible circumstances on the roads. The project rings together the disciplines of computer science, engineering, law, mathematics, philosophy and psychology from five UK universities to develop “a […]