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Alert: Blood Bikers & SAM Members

Hi, I just received the notification about imminent road resurfacing disruption around the Hallamshire following a recent major water mains burst…. To make SAM members and BloodBikers aware, please could you post the following to the SAM web-site/Twitter feed? Road resurfacing works around RHH Starting on Friday 25 June, and lasting for 4 nights (Fri, […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 25th June 2021

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - newsletter 25th June 2021

Hi SAM Members Thanks for the feedback on problems displaying the SAM Newsletter content. The MailChimp editor seems to do very strange things sometimes. No matter how many times I check everything is displaying well, the server decides to do its own thing. Here is the SAM newsletter online version on the SAM website. Thanks […]

Under 17 Driver Open Evening

Under 17 Driver would like to invite all IAM RoadSmart Local Group Chairs (& other interested parties) to an online “Open Evening” on Wednesday 7 July to talk to you about the Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust’s Pathfinder Initiative. The initiative, which has now been running for over 10 years, aims to get young […]

IAM Abusive & Aggressive Behaviour Policy

Abusive or Aggressive BehaviourOur staff and volunteers are passionate about their work and it is important they are treated with courtesy and respect. To ensure this is fully observed, we operate a Zero Tolerance policy. This means that aggressive or violent behaviour towards our staff or volunteers will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Anyone […]

IAM RoadSmart Group Riding Policy Update

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - IAM Group Riding Guidance

Group Riding Policy Group riding is great fun and a riding experience shared is valued by the majority of bikers. IAM RoadSmart provides a group organised ride policy for all IAM members to ensure that everyone riding on Local IAM Group events remain safe and have an enjoyable ride. All members taking part in a […]

IAM RoadSmart Radio Use Update

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Radio Training Update

Radios have been in use for many years on motorcycles, both for training and leisure communication between rider and pillion or several machines.Previously IAM RoadSmart gave extensive advice relating to the use of radios and the prevalent technology at the time of writing, with three distinct qualification levels. This guidance replaces that documentation and the […]