Alert: Blood Bikers & SAM Members

Hi, I just received the notification about imminent road resurfacing disruption around the Hallamshire following a recent major water mains burst…. To make SAM members and BloodBikers aware, please could you post the following to the SAM web-site/Twitter feed? Road resurfacing works around RHH Starting on Friday 25 June, and lasting for 4 nights (Fri, […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 25th June 2021

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - newsletter 25th June 2021

Hi SAM Members Thanks for the feedback on problems displaying the SAM Newsletter content. The MailChimp editor seems to do very strange things sometimes. No matter how many times I check everything is displaying well, the server decides to do its own thing. Here is the SAM newsletter online version on the SAM website. Thanks […]