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A Great Day at the Outwood Academy Bike Fest

Fran (Chair) and Paul (Editor & Webmaster) spent last Saturday afternoon at the Shafton Bikefest. The children at the Academy acted as Marshalls and organisers for the Bike Festival. They organised the event to support the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity. They even organised for a helicopter from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to land on the cricket pitch toward the end of the event. The helicopter was delayed by an emergency which gave time for the Marshalls and event supporters to decide which bikes would be voted the best. There was also time to pull out the winner of the raffle.

The SAM table was kindly donated by the Trainee to Traveller owner Linda Bell. This made it really easy to lay out the leaflets that we brought and to display the flags that Fran brought strapped to the Can Am. They even provided a hammer for the flag spikes. Linda and her team also kept Fran and Paul supplied with tea throughout the afternoon. SAM members family and friends can also get a discount on CBT courses run by Trainee to Traveller. A big thank you to Linda and her team for their support.

The weather remained fine. It was a little windy and we got plenty of exercise retrieving pamphlets! There were lots of bikers interestested in both the leaflets and merchandise. Rain hit us at 2.30pm which made for a damp ending to the day, but we had a lot of fun talking about bikes, bikers and biking. Thanks to those SAM members and the Whiteknights Blood Bike members who stopped by to give their support.

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