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Do you ride a motorcycle or know someone who does? If so, you’ll know that riding a motorcycle has some risks. In fact, statistics show that motorcyclists are much more likely to be involved in a serious or fatal accident than car drivers. This is why it’s important to take steps to reduce the risks and the Biker I.C.E. Card is one of the most effective solutions available.

The Biker I.C.E. Card is a simple, yet vital tool. It contains your contact details and essential medical information. In the event of an accident, emergency services staff can quickly access this information to help them decide on the right treatment for you. By carrying a Biker I.C.E. Card, you can ensure that emergency services staff have the information they need to take account of any ongoing health problems you have and any current treatments that you are receiving. This can make their job easier and your emergency care safer.

To make sure that emergency services staff can quickly and easily locate your Biker I.C.E. Card, it’s best to keep it in your wallet. Applying for a Biker I.C.E. Card is easy – all you need to do is enter your name and email, and click the button below. Once you receive your card, it easily fits into your wallet and can be printed onto one side of A5 size paper or card; or, print it onto A4 size paper and fold it up. We even show you how to fold it!

At Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists, we understand that advanced rider training, such as that provided by our highly trained, nationally qualified, volunteer bikers, can also help keep bikers safer on the roads. However, in the event of an accident, skilled help and information are critical factors. This is where the Biker I.C.E. Card solution is more effective than other methods.

By carrying a Biker I.C.E. Card, you can help emergency services staff by providing them with your identity, any important medical history, medication you’re taking, and your GP’s name, address, and phone number. Your NHS No., EHIC No., or travel insurance details can also be included. In the UK, your NHS number gives emergency services staff access to your health care records, and an EHIC number shows your entitlement to health care within the EU. Travel insurance details will show that you can pay for any health care costs beyond any emergency treatment received.

In conclusion, the Biker I.C.E. Card is a simple but effective solution to help keep you safe in the event of an accident. By carrying this card, you can ensure that emergency services staff have the information they need to make the best decisions for your emergency care. So, why wait? Apply for your Biker I.C.E. Card today and ride with peace of mind!

Fill it in, Update it, Print it out & CARRY IT!


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