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Bikers in Scotland and Wales can start to plan for a return to the road

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists announcement

Motorcycle groups in Scotland and Wales will be able to start preparing for a return to observed rides from Monday 6 July. This is dependent on the restrictions on travelling more than five miles being relaxed as announced by the devolved administrations.

Advanced Rider coaching restarted in England and Northern Ireland in June. The IAM RoadSmart COVID-19 restart guidance for Observers and Examiners has been updated to reflect the changing situation.

In preparation for a return to observed rides, all group members, Observers and Examiners in Scotland and Wales are requested to:
• Familiarise themselves with the COVID-19 Restart Observer Guidance Motorcycle July 2020 (Version 4) and the COVID-19 Restart Examiner Guidance Motorcycle July 2020 (Version 4), both published on the Group Management dashboard.
• Take the opportunity, in line with current social distancing advice, to undertake one on one refresh rides and cross-checking of skills to ensure all Observers are confident to resume observed rides from Monday 20 July. Observers must continue to operate to IMI standards. The LOPS and NOPS forms on the Group Management dashboard provide a helpful guide.
• Take the opportunity to review regular routes and ensure social distancing rules can be maintained at all times, in line with IAM RoadSmart’s COVID-19 Restart guidelines.
• Take the opportunity to find out when and how your Associates would like to return to their observed rides.
Observed rides will start again from Monday 20 July and tests will resume a fortnight later from Monday 3 August.

These arrangements are based on the latest government guidance for Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Some Observers, Examiners or Associates will have personal reasons for remaining inactive at this time. If anyone involved has concerns, an observed ride or test must not be carried out.

There is an editable pdf version of the Documents Declaration form now in the Examiner, Observer and Group Management dashboards to enable an electronic signature to fit with our COVID-19 guidelines.

Any questions should be directed to the Area Service Delivery Manager: for Scotland; / for Wales or /

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