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Funeral arrangements for Peter Serhatlic

The 6th December 2023 was a very sad day for IAM RoadSmart as one of our committed, loyal and long standing Regional Service Delivery Team Managers, Peter Serhatlic, unexpectedly passed away. Peter has spent his whole career invested in road safety, from his time in South Yorkshire Police, rising to Inspector rank, to his commitment […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 9th September 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

Editorial I was reminded this week of one of the principal reasons for belonging to an advanced motorcycling Club. The collective brain. In an advanced motorcycle club, like the SAM Club, there is a massive wealth of knowledge about bikes, riding and how to be a better rider. A real feeling of camaraderie pervades the […]

Whiteknights Blood Bikes Need YOUR help!

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes would like to hear from people who are able to become volunteer fundraisers for this vital charity that benefits patients in Yorkshire. Please get In touch. Even if you can only spare an hour to volunteer for us – we really need people to help us. Hope to hear from you […]

Ride for the Whiteknights

Announcing this ride out by Revs & Relics in aid of Whiteknights on Sunday 31st July. We’re looking forward to it! See you there!

IAM RoadSmart Webinars

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

We have recently started looking into Webinars for our Volunteers, Members and Associates. We are pleased to announce that our first webinar will be held on Tuesday 30 March at 7pm. The webinar will be on Neurodiversity, examining how learning difficulties can impact the development of advanced riders and drivers. The webinar will be hosted […]

Associate Newsletters

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - IAM RoadSmart Associates newsletter

IAM RoadSmart are pleased to inform you that we have created a space on the Dashboard called “Associate Newsletter”, this is in response to requests from groups to have visibility of Associate newsletters sent. Please do not take any actions which are meant for Associates only, for example by signing up to Associate CHOICES. As […]

RoadSmart magazine – Have your say

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - RoadSmart Magazine - have your say!

Thank you to those who have already got in touch! For our Summer 2021 edition of RoadSmart magazine we want to hear from you.Each issue our feature, MY OTHER CAR IS…celebrates a member’s vehicle that is a bit different to the norm. Have you got another vehicle at home? It could be a tank, bus […]

IAM RoadSmart COVID-19 Update

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - IAM RoadSmart COVID-19 Update

IAM RoadSmart are currently reviewing the latest Government guidance and would ask all our IAM RoadSmart groups to await for further guidance on the resumption of activities. Please note the ‘stay at home’ order issued by HM Government is in place until 29 March 2021.

Important First Aider Information

A recent communication from a Member highlighted that not all paramedics know the latest motorbike helmets are fitted with quick-release ‘pull tabs’. In spring 2019 the Member had a significant collision and suffered a double fracture to his neck. He had an almost new Shoei with emergency tabs for easy removal. Unfortunately, the medics attending […]

Social Media Guidelines Reminder

Social media has the power to influence, engage and connect people with a common cause. For IAM RoadSmart, social media offers huge potential in terms of boosting engagement among volunteers, supporters and experts. Social media can also help us reach new audiences and provide them with road safety advice as well as raising the profile […]