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NMC Motorcycling Manifesto

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - National Motorcyclists Council: motorcycling manifesto

NMC Executive Director Craig Carey Clinch said: “The forthcoming General Election is probably the most important for motorcycling in a generation. We face a situation where, like 1997, all political parties have everything to play for. With a strong likelihood of a change in Government, there is now a real opportunity to reshape the narrative […]

A licence path for new drivers?

When it comes to road safety and young people, everyone has an opinion. It doesn’t help when you base your reasoning for change on complaints from constituents, about speeding drivers, high performance rental vehicles, off-road motorbikes, quad bikes, dangerous parking and reckless driving. Parliament is currently debating changes to the post-test driving licence. The changes […]

The human cost of the pothole pandemic

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - the human cost of the pothole pandemic

Britian’s pothole pandemic is leaving drivers tearing out their hair and the state of the road network is laid bare by the publication of the AIA’s annual Alarm report earlier this month. It found that less than half (47%) of local road miles were rated as being in good condition, with 36% adequate and 17% poor. The […]

Motorcycles in Bus Lanes – better safety for riders

It’s a mess! The current situation of allowing Local Authorities to determine whether motorcycles should be allowed in bus lanes seems to be a full scale policy failure. Following the first road safety trials in 1994, when implementing the policy, it was assumed that Local Authorities were in the best place to assess its impact. […]

Petition to scrap VAT on life-saving air vests

PetitionScrap VAT on life-saving motorcycle air vests We call on the Government to scrap VAT on life-saving air vests which are currently subject to 20% VAT rate. Other lifesaving equipment, like helmets, are either zero or lower rated. Sign this petition Motorcyclists have one of the highest fatality rates per passenger mile of any road […]

Riders of the Mist: Embracing the Fog

‘A prepared rider and well maintained bike makes for safer riding’ Introduction If you don’t ride in poor conditions, you are unlikely to be able to cope with them when they arise. There is a lot of published advice about NOT riding in fog. It’s true, if it can be avoided then other forms of […]