SAM Club Summer Picnic a great success

Sunshine and blue sky blessed the SAM Club Summer Picnic. A great time was had by everyone. All members send our gratitude to Fran (Chair) for her hard work in organising the event. Also, thank you to all the SAM members who rode out to support the SAM Club.

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 19th August 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - #BeTheBest rider possible

Editorial Back to more mundane reporting in this week’s SAM Newsletter. The motorcycle touring season is in full swing, so we’ve got some different reading for you. First up, there is a frank article about touring with your ‘soul mate’. Now I’ve toured with a pillion for many years and some of the advice came […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 12th August 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - SAM Club's Green Lane Bimble

Editorial There was a good turnout of SAM Club members last Saturday. I missed it! I came home Friday tea time and the ‘newish’ electric door wouldn’t open! The manual turning pole didn’t work either. The result was that the car was outside the garage and the bike was inside. The repairer had to fit […]