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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 21st June 2024

Table of Contents Editorial There was a great turn out last Saturday. Observers continued coaching Associates and we had some great feedback from a rider who went out on a FREE ride assessment. Everyone enjoyed the banter, catching up on news and putting the world to rights. There are a lot of local events for […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 14th June 2024

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Newsletter 14062024

Table of Contents Editorial Despite many SAM members being away on riding holidays, last Saturday was still very busy down at Meadowhall Retail Park. The relative merits of new bikes were discussed. The Editors reading process for planning the weekly newsletter was also a topic of discussion. Steve Ellis, our regional ASDM (Area Service Development […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 7th June 2024

Table of Contents Editorial Last Saturday’s Meet was packed with riders and there was a real buzz around the car park and in Macdonalds. There was a heated debate on how to get the most out of the fine weather. Some members were going away, so travel plans were keenly discussed. Everyone at the last […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 31st May 2024

Table of Contents Editorial What glorious weather for riding. Last Saturday saw lots of SAM members drinking coffee, chatting and riding out. New Associates are now well into their advanced riding journeys and having a great time learning all the ways in which they can become better riders. We take great pride in ensuring that […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 24th May 2024

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - 24th May 2024 Newsletter

Editorial Online Motorcycling News Whiteknights Blood Bikes South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership Kevin Williams Motorcycling Organisations’ News”They speak for bikers throughout the UK & Europe!” Editorial Change brings opportunity! Your SAM newsletter is going fully online. This means that any approved SAM member can contribute information and views. All approvals will be made by the […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 10th May 2024

Editorial It’s been a very busy week for the SAM Committee. Rallymoto have confirmed they will be making a presentation at the next SAM Club Night on the 13th May 2024. The SAM Committee would like to thank those members who have paid their annual membership. The majority of members have now paid. There are […]

FREE Frank Thomas Jackets

What a fine sunny day. Here are two good motorcycle jackets for you. They are FREE! These items have been very generously donated by Christine Fowler to any member of the SAM charity that can use them. If you are interested in these items, contact Dr Christine Fowler for further information. Thank you. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hi […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 3rd May 2024

Editorial I’m back and the weather has warmed up a bit. Despite the cool conditions, there was a great crowd of members out last Saturday. Being absent for a week means there is a lot to catch up on in the biking world.  Devon and Cornwall police have bought a very expensive, state-of-the-art, motorcycling simulator. […]

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 19th April 2024

Editorial What a brilliant Spring Breakfast Meet! Thank you to all those SAM members who made it such a great success. The AGM saw a very humble Editor receive an engraved tankard for services to SAM. Thank you to everyone, I’m very grateful for the recognition and will continue to support SAM as a volunteer. […]

SAM Newsletter 12th April 2024

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Paul gets a tankard

Editorial Sometimes, even the most well respected motorcycling commentators can say things that are just plain idiocy. This week it’s the turn of Ryan Kluftinger, fortnine on YouTube. In a well-crafted video he says that motorcyclists’ body armour, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee pads, are not effective at their job. There was an immediate backlash […]