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CHOICES e-learning modules for Associates – FAQs

Thank you for the great response we have had to the launch of Associate CHOICES.

We have had a number of questions regarding our Associate CHOICES platform so have put together some FAQs:

Who can access Associate CHOICES?

Only Associates have access to these modules at the moment, there is a demo video on the dashboard under (Group Management > Running a group), (Group Management > Observers and observing), (Observers > Observers resources) and (Examiners> Examiner resources) for active volunteers to view.

I want to see what my Associates are doing, how can I do this?

We are in the process of developing a process to allow access for Observers to CHOICES. Observers will receive an email about this in the next two weeks.

Does this form part of the Advanced Driving or Riding course?

No, these modules are simply to refresh Associates knowledge and prepare for our return to on-road training.

Can full Members access Associate CHOICES?

No, these modules are for Associates only.

Where can I find the link to Associate CHOICES on the website?

The link was sent out to all Associates via the Associate Newsletter on 12 February, you cannot get to the platform via our website.