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On Friday 12 February we will be launching ‘Associate CHOICES’ to all Associates. These focused modules are designed to help Associates refresh their knowledge and prepare for our return to on-road training. The modules originally developed for Commercial clients will ensure the Associate has the best possible preparation for their practical training, and while not specifically aimed at the Advanced Driver or Rider, the modules will ensure an up to date knowledge base.

The launch will include four modules, Hazard Perception, Speed Awareness, Understanding the effects of alcohol, Winter Driving, then every two weeks thereafter we will release one more module. We have created a demonstration video for your viewing which you can watch here.

It can also be found on the Dashboard via your log in under the following sections:

(Group Management > Running a group)
(Group Management > Observers and observing)
(Observers > Observers resources)
(Examiners> Examiner resources)
Associate CHOICES

We are currently developing Observer CHOICES modules which will be available in the near future.

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