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Driving home from hospital

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - driving home from hospital

Back in February 2020, as a soon-to-be first-time mum and a member of IAM RoadSmart, I had so many fears going through my mind as my due date crept around the corner. “What if I go into labour in the car?…What if I’m screaming in the car on the way to hospital and it distracts my other half from the road?… What about the drive home?… How do we drive home with a tiny baby in the car without panicking?!”.

Thankfully, on the day the baby came I got to the hospital with no issues. In fact, my little one didn’t make an appearance until eight hours later. The screaming in the car? Well, that definitely happened (a lot) but my partner handled the situation very well and focussed on the road and got us there safely. Me on the other hand…I was a complete mess by the time we arrived at the maternity ward. Read more…

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