FAB Worshops: Are you interested?

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - FAB Workshops (First Aid for Bikers)

For all SAM Members

Here are the details of the FAB Workshops (First Aid for Bikers). They cover first aid skills that are not in the Biker Down syllabus, but are very relevant to bikers who may stop to help casualties at the scene of an accident.

I run my own First Aid Training company and when I returned to biking some 10 yrs ago, having been away from it for some 30yrs, I found it had changed – a LOT! But some of the old myths still hung around accident scene management and ‘never take the helmet off’ and ‘don’t move the casualty’ kept coming up in conversations I had with bikers.

So, I put a FAB First Aid Course together and started delivering it to MCC’s and Bike Groups across the UK. 

I now work alongside the Staffs Road Safety Partnership in delivering these workshops on their behalf.

They are not a Biker Down session. I mention it because, for whatever reasons, many people think that Biker Down is a biker first aid course, but it’s actually more about scene management and the science of being seen (as a biker). My first aid workshops are purely based on Emergency Life Support, First Aid and general medical events (heart attack for example)

Modules I cover in the 3hrs session include:-

What IS First Aid

First Aid and the Law

Riding Gear

Riding and Nutrition


Scene Management

The Unconscious Casualty and Recovery Position

Spinal and Neck Injury Management

The Unconscious and Non Breathing Casualty

CPR and De-Fib use

Shock and Bleeding

Head Trauma Management and Helmet Removal

Burn Management



Eye Injuries (inc terrain blindness) 

Temperature Extremes

Altitude Sickness 

I have tried to include modules that are relevant to all riders but also to the new breed of adventure bikers who might be more remote and in different countries rather than the UK.

The workshops can be tailor made to fit the audience.

At just £25 per person, these workshops offer very good value and the knowledge to potentially save a bikers life.

It is not a formal qualification but all delegates do receive a Certificate of Attendance, valid for 3 yrs.

I hope this offers you a little more information – I can deliver most days/evenings at your venue.

Many thanks

Judy Richter

TrainAidInc – Making First Aid, Second Nature

Mob 07816482794

Depending on the number of responses, the SAM Committee will look at organising workshop(s) for SAM members.