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Your Advanced Riding Success

we are bikers helping other bikers to ride better

SAM is very proud that we have had the privilege to guide so many bikers to a successful advanced motorcycle test. It’s a real tribute to all those bikers who have allowed us to help them improve their riding. Whilst it has always been with the aim of getting riders to take an IAM RoadSmart advanced test, we now offer a guided course with no test but riders can, when they reach the riding standards needed, still get their advanced motorcycling certificate. The test-free course takes a little longer, but it helps those riders whose test anxiety gets in the way of being successful. It is a real compliment that SAM’s Volunteer Observers are seen as the best in the UK and trusted to guide you to success as an advanced rider. See below some of the smiling faces of the bikers that have developed their advanced riding skills; and, those who have gone on to help other bikers do the same. Join us TODAY and put an advanced rider on your bike!