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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - 'where your riding just gets better!'

Here is a group of videos that help you to understand what advanced riding is all about. It is NOT elitist riding! ALL bikers are welcome to develop their own advanced riding skills. These videos show that ordinary bikers, just like you, can benefit from the tuition of your own personal Observer. You can be more relaxed in creating your own riding time and space. It makes your riding a sheer joy throughout whatever ride you make – no matter what the road throws at you.

In this video Chaz Davies (former World Superbike Champion) and Alan Davis(Comedian) tell you why they decided to become advanced riders.

Here you’ll see that they learn where to look, positioning the bike, leaning the bike, controlling the throttle and positive steering.

This video is all about roadcraft. Here you’ll see the importance of road work, personal attitude, differences between track and the road. Its these advanced skills that minimise the risk of an accident and show you how to enjoy your riding more. SAM Observers are trained to give radio support when it is needed.

NO biker is ever too good on a bike. Roadcraft skills need continuing development and practice throughout a riding life. It makes a real difference to have a SAM Observer look at your riding and suggest how you can be a better rider. Learning how to spot hazards earlier and be reassured that you are in the best position and at the right speed to deal with them. There is always something new to learn.

‘You’re never too good to be a better rider, it’s as simple as that.’ Chas Davies World Supersport Champion (2011)

IPSGA describes the process of making riding decisions to help you ride as safe as possible. It helps you to be an alert and thinking rider with every turn of the wheels.

What’s involved with an observed ride? Here are two videos to help you understand the process.

Learn how to assess bends and curves.

Here’s a look at filtering and lane splitting.

This video shows the Advanced Rider test. Some riders are put off  by the thought of taking a test. SAM Observers offer two ways to become a certified advanced rider. You can take the test or be signed off by the SAM National Observers. The latter  course takes a little longer to complete, but both paths lead you to becoming a knowledgeable and skilled advanced rider. You then enjoy all the benefits shown on our front page.