Green Badge +

SAM is pleased to introduce the Green Badge + scheme

Green Badge + has been designed by SAM for Green badge holders who wish to develop their skills further. Pitched between the Green badge and the Masters qualification, Green badge + is looking for IAM advanced riders to show enhanced advanced skills, and demonstrate brisk, flowing rides with a little sparkle.

Members will be mentored by a Master’s standard rider for up to 6 sessions and then be required to take a theory test based on the Highway code and How To Be a Better Rider. The actual Green Badge + test will be conducted by a Master’s Observer.

The qualification is locally based and has been developed by SAM. It is not an official IAM qualification but it will develop your skills and present you with a step towards the Masters qualification.

Ride standards as follows

  • Candidate adheres to the speed limits and acknowledges road signs
  • Forward planning and observation to ensure correct early positioning and adopting correct lines for the relevant hazard
  • Correct signals and use of signals to be applied as appropriate
  • Crisp clean overtakes with no hesitation or unnecessary delays. Complete the overtake and obtain the correct position on the road before any approaching vehicles, seen or unseen could come into conflict with them
  • Good distance judgement
  • Filtering when appropriate and when it is safe to do so
  • Correct use of gears to ensure engine flexibility at all times
  • Appropriate use of brakes when required showing a brake light when appropriate
  • Correct corner entry speed and positioning to ensure the best view and safety margins
  • Linking bends – positioning early for the final bend assisting the flow of the ride
  • Brisk progress being made as and when safe to do so and restraint used when required and appropriate
  • Tempo of the ride – demonstrating full set of IAM skills including forward and rear obs to improve the flow of the ride
  • Correct positioning and signalling on dual carriageways and correct indications when joining and leaving at the correct marker posts
  • A good knowledge of the Highway Code and How to be an advanced Rider

If you’d like to find out more, please speak to Andy Frith on Saturday morning or email him at

Green Badge + riders

Karl Hance

Mikko Nimienen

Simon davies Simon Davies


Meadowhall Retail Park, Sheffield, just off J34, M1.

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