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Groups are asked to ensure they comply with the Group Handbook Code of Conduct, anti-harassment and bullying policy and complaints policy, following an investigation into a complaint of sexual harassment.

All our volunteers, staff and representatives have the right to be treated and treat others with dignity and respect, free from harassment and bullying. Harassment and bullying contravene our ethical standards. They are also unlawful and will not be tolerated. Every group and member has a responsibility, should they experience or witness inappropriate behaviour, to report it so it can be properly and promptly addressed. Complaints are always dealt with in confidence and those making a complaint can expect to be listened to and treated with courtesy, empathy and fairness.

In the event a complaint of this nature, which on investigation is upheld, the matter will be reported to police for criminal investigation. Members found to have breached our standards will be expelled.

Harassment is any unwanted physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct which has the purpose or effect of violating a person’s dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for them. A single incident can amount to harassment. Harassment often (but not exclusively) targets the gender, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion or belief, disability or age of the victim. It may involve conduct of a sexual nature (sexual harassment). Harassment also includes treating someone less favourably because they have submitted or refused to submit to such behaviour in the past. Harassment is unacceptable even if it does not fall within any of these categories.

IAM RoadSmart advice is that every group should have a designated committee member responsible for handling any complaints. Each group’s committee members must be familiar with the complaints handling process, including details of how Associates and group members can make complaints and to whom. 

IAM RoadSmart serves the interests of all those who wish to become Advanced drivers and riders. It is essential to the reputation, integrity and credibility of our shared endeavour to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured on UK roads that our Code of Conduct and associated policies are always followed.

Details are in the Group Handbook (2019), in the Group Management section of the member dashboard.