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IAM Guidance on the use of recording devices

Use of dashcams and recording equipment while riding or driving is increasing, not only for data and insurance purposes but also footage being shared on social media and YouTube. IAM RoadSmart embraces the use of video recording devices for all forms of associate and observer training and understands that it may be required to have the device active during the test as a condition of insurance. Please remember any recording must be conducted with the prior permission of all parties involved. Recordings are for training use only and should not be shared through any form of media, unless all parties have provided permission. Examiners will make every effort to accommodate use of recording devices during test, however, footage of the test must not be shared on social media and will not be used post-test to influence the result. The decision of the examiner is final. The IAM RoadSmart document ‘Guidance on the use of recording devices’ can be found here, and on the IAM RoadSmart website on the observer, examiner and group management dashboards. Please take a few minutes to read this through – any questions should be directed to your area service delivery manager.