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Observer and Examiner – New Guidelines 
Important update

IAM RoadSmart is pleased to announce that motorcycle observed rides can resume from Monday 15 June, in England.
This decision has been taken in line with the recent government announcement that non-essential shops can re-open from this date in England and our view that this opens the way for non-essential trips. Groups in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland should continue to follow the rules as they apply in their nation.
Observed rides will be offered first to those associates who have already started their coaching or purchased a course and been allocated to a group.  
IAM RoadSmart group rides can also resume from Monday 1 June, in England  where six people will be allowed to meet outdoors, as long as social distancing is still observed.
Advanced Motorcycle tests will resume from Monday 6  Julyin England
In support of this easing of the current restrictions on motorcycle observed rides and group rides, the Area Service Delivery Managers (ASDMs) will be returning to work from Monday 8 June.
In preparation for a return to observed rides, all group members, Observers and Examiners are requested to: 

  • Familiarise themselves with the COVID-19 Restart Observer Guidance – Motorcycle June 2020 and the COVID-19 Restart Examiner Guidance – Motorcycle June 2020, both published on the group dashboard in Running a group,  Observer resources and Examiner resources in the forms and documents section.
  • Take the opportunity, in line with current social distance advice to undertake one on one refresh rides and cross-checking of skills to ensure all observers are confident to resume observed rides from 15 June. Observers must continue to operate to IMI standards. The LOP and NOP forms on the group dashboard provide a helpful guide.
  • Take the opportunity to review regular routes and ensure social distancing rules can be maintained at all times, in line with IAM RoadSmart’s COVID-19 Restart guidelines.
  • Take the opportunity to find out when and how your associates would like to return to their observed rides.

These arrangements are based on the latest government guidance for England.  Some Observers, Examiners or associates will have their own personal reasons for remaining inactive at this time. If any party has concerns, an observed ride or test must not be carried out.

The new guidelines reflect feedback from the recent survey of groups about preparing to return to business. ASDMs will work with groups, Observers and Examiners from Monday 8 June to make sure we deliver coaching and tests safely.

Observed drives for associates working towards the advanced driving test are being kept under regular review but at this time, it is not possible to re-start this on-road activity and maintain compliance with the government’s social distancing rules.

If you any questions on observed rides or drives please contact or

Richard Gladman said: “We are delighted to be able to start providing on-road coaching once more, but personal safety still has to be our number one priority. We are grateful to all our motorcycle groups, Observers and Examiners for their continued patience.”

“As we start to resume on-road activity, I urge everyone to remember they are an ambassador for motorcycling, IAM RoadSmart and our commitment to improving road safety.”