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Social media guidelines reminder

Social media has the power to influence, engage and connect people with a common cause. For IAM RoadSmart, social media offers huge potential in terms of boosting engagement among volunteers, supporters and experts. Social media can also help us reach new audiences and provide them with road safety advice as well as raising the profile of our organisation. We are keen to encourage our groups and members to embrace social media and spread IAM RoadSmart’s name, missions and values far and wide.

We have some simple community rules to ensure our social media content presents the best possible image of IAM RoadSmart and its members. We are happy for constructive debate on our social media platforms. Recently, there have been instances of comments which have breached these guidelines, which are published in the Group Management Handbook on the member dashboard.

All groups and members are asked to be respectful of the following guidelines when engaging with IAM RoadSmart on social media:

• Don’t be abusive or rude towards others. This includes other contributors on this site, IAM RoadSmart staff and any other individual/organisation.
• Stay on topic. We use social media to promote IAM RoadSmart news items and posts about driving, riding and road safety. It is not a forum for individual grievances or personal concerns.
• Please do not post inflammatory or aggressively negative comments about IAM RoadSmart or our content. We are happy for constructive debate to be aired in this group, but reserve the right to edit, hide, or remove posts that we believe to be damaging to our reputation.
• Keep it civil and respectful. Do not use swear words or offensive language.
• We will immediately remove any comments we deem to be racist, sexist, or discriminatory towards any group of individuals.
• Don’t upload or post inappropriate content. We will remove such content.
• No spam.
• No solicitation.
• Observe copyright and trademark law.
• Keep it legal. We will remove all illegal content.
• No impersonations. We reserve the right to block profiles that appear to be fake.
• Protect your privacy and respect the privacy of others.
• We reserve the right to edit, hide, or remove posts that break any of our guidelines.
• We will block any contributor that overtly or persistently goes against our group rules.