A Biker’s Review of ICE Methods

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No biker wants to be injured, but it happens. Annually there are 7,000 recorded motorcycle accidents in the UK. The hour after an accident can be critical in the road to recovery so it’s important to give emergency services crews essential personal health information at the scene. If you have an accident, there are many different ways that you can make your health care information available.

What information is needed?

Emergency service staff will, rightly, be most concerned about keeping you safe, stabilising your injuries and getting you the treatment needed. However, it is vital they have certain information including:

  • Any current medication
  • Any relevant illnesses, including allergies
  • Any ongoing disability(-ies)
  • Language spoken
  • Emergency contacts

Doing your part

YOU can do your part, by ensuring the information is available and easily accessible. The chart below shows five different ways to ensure that YOUR information is available if it is needed:

Physical methodsType of deviceAdvantagesDisadvantages
  • Cheap
  • Easily available
  • Can be lost,
  • Easily damaged,
  • May be unreadable,
  • Information can become out-of-date
 CRASH card
  • Small,
  • Portable
  • Holds limited information,
  • Information can become out-of-date
 EMIS Tube
  • Attaches to Keyring,
  • Keeps information dry and secure
  • May be damaged or lost in the accident,
  • Information can become,out-of-date
  • Universal
  • Unique id number
  • Detail medical record, 24/7 emergency response line
  • Fashionable
  • Different formats to suit user
  • Subscription-based,
  • Internet-based,
  • Data on bracelet/necklace may be limited,
  • if health problems change, may need to pay for new item,
  • Information can become outdated
ElectronicQR Codes:
Helmet stickers
  • Accessed from NFC enabled phone,
  • Helmet sticker,
  • Key fob,
  • USB dogtag
  • Spoils visuals on expensive,helmets – biker vanity does play its part!
  • Have to replace it if you get,a new helmet
  • Mobile signal and internet,dependent
  • Don’t work in mobile dead spots
  • Handing over personal health data to commercial companies
  • Sticker may be damaged in the accident
  • Electronic things break down
  • Subscription services need renewing annually
  • Some information is missing from online registrations, e.g. allergies, next of kin details and language spoken,
  • QR codes have been hacked
Mobile Phone 
  • Easy way to store ICE data,
  • Quick access to contacts,
  • If contact unavailable, may be able to send text/email with urgent contact details
  • Different models operate in different ways
  • Only accessible if phone is unlocked
  • May be damaged in an accident
  • May not want privacy compromised

So, how do you give yourself a better chance of survival and recovery in the event of an accident. Of course, being a more skilled IAM RoadSmart rider helps to reduce your risk of having an accident in the first place, but this isn’t a guarantee that you won’t have an accident. The best advice is to:

  1. Carry paper-based the information with you in a place that is readily accessible to someone else should you not be able to retrieve it. Some bikers have plastic pouches on their jackets, but any readily accessible place will do so long as it is clearly marked I.C.E.
  2. A QR sticker on the side of the helmet. This will work most of the time but even emergency responders will sometimes have to treat a biker where there is no mobile phone signal, so this should be used in combination with a paper/card-based solution.
  3. KEEP YOUR INFORMATION UP-TO-DATE! KEEP YOUR INFORMATION UP-TO-DATE!! It’s easy to let your information become out of date but it may save your life if you treat it with the respect it deserves. After all you wouldn’t ride without a helmet, so don’t ride with out-of-date information.


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