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John Foster

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - John Foster: died 8th April 2021

It is with great sadness that I announce the peaceful passing of SAM member John Foster on 8th April 2021.
Many club members knew John and a few gained the green badge as a result of his observer skills either way it cannot be denied John was an unmissable character.
For my part, I met John in 1997 when my family and I moved house and we became neighbours, our youngest daughters became good friends which in turn brought our families together and a lasting friendship grew.
John was never interested in biking at first but developed a desire to learn by watching me ride off in all weathers whilst I was undertaking my own IAM “skills for life” course, he gained his CBT then full licence during 2008 and joined SAM 2009 becoming my first associate whilst I was training to be an observer. It took around 12 months of guidance with many extended debrief sessions in his back garden around a burning chiminea and a glass of whisky (or two), but John made the grade and gained his green badge under the scrutiny of our then legend of an examiner Micky Wheeler.
John enjoyed SAM and the biking comradery so much that he became an observer himself and successfully guided a number of associate members to green badge glory, he had a stint on the committee as secretary during his active role within the club before taking more of a back seat due to various health issues and eventually hung up his biking boots although continued to attend the club nights in the pre pandemic days.
I had a number of memorable biking trips with John both in the UK and abroad, I must say sharing a room with John was just as challenging as teaching him how to ride, although John was one of the most trustworthy and loyal friends anyone could wish to have and I feel privileged for the times we shared.
Due to the current restrictions Johns funeral is limited to family so all I ask is that we raise a glass and toast his memory (of course only when safe to do so)
Gods speed my friend
Chris Holland

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