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Land’s End to John O’Groats is a long way by any form of transportation

SAM Member Steve Bennett is riding this challenge on a rebuilt Piaggio MP3 400

Land’s End to John O’Groats is a long way by any form of transportation. It’s even longest if you don’t take motorways, you ride it on a bike that costs £600 or less and that you do it all in one day. And this is The Longest Day Challenge

At sunrise on the longest day of the year – 21st June – a group of (foolish) motorcyclists will set off from Lands End (England) with the intention of seeing the sunrise 24-hours later over John O’Groats (Scotland).

As if that wasn’t difficult enough, they will be attempting the almost 1000 mile route not just without using motorways, but also on motorbikes which have been bought and made road legal for no more than £600.

In the motorcycling world £600 doesn’t get you a lot – especially these days. It’s actually quite daft the sort of money that no-hoper bikes are fetching. Think “part finished project”. Think “hasn’t run for years”. The kind of motorbike that is held together by rust, mould and optimism. Often duct tape and cable ties (or both). The type of motorbike that gets overtaken by everything and everyone on the road. And pavement.

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