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Wow, we have had our highest ever volume of 3,000 magazine surveys results, and we would like to say a huge thank you to all our Members for sharing your feedback and views with us, we appreciate you taking the time to do this.

Some key highlights from the survey include 94% said they read some, most or all of the magazine and 81% agreed that the magazine is an important member benefit. From the comments, we found that Members wanted to see more on electric vehicles, classic cars, and technical content which we will take into consideration in the forthcoming issues. The top 3 rated articles in order were:

  1. The Science of Speeding
  2. Charging into the future
  3. News and Views from the world of Road Safety

We have read all the feedback provided from our Members on various topics including favourite articles, what our Members want to see more of, overall opinions on the magazine and much more. Whilst we cannot respond or action all ideas put forward, they are certainly read by us and used to shape our decision making and brainstorming sessions to make improvements for future editions.

A special thank you to Rod Smith, Chief Observer at Lichfield Advanced Motorcyclists Group who commented:

“The spring edition is the best I have read since becoming an IAM Full Member in 1992. The autumn edition 2020 was the best before but spring 2021 is a step above. Congratulations IAM team for making a quantum leap to a truly captivating edition of the magazine. I am very grateful for information and inspiration … may seem repetitive but, Richard Gladman’s contribution is always an inspiration”.