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As we slowly move towards some form of normality and spring draws closer, the motorcycle world will be thinking of their machines coming out of the garage and getting back on two wheels.

Whilst the motorcycle groups had the opportunity to get in some riding and training in 2020, there is still a huge number of Associates either in training or waiting to commence training.

Bikesafe© and the Rider Refinement North (RRN)(Scotland) Scheme are partners that we are proud to work with and are an excellent source of Associates from course referrals. We are keen to encourage our motorcycle groups to continue to partner with these schemes as we move forward. Bikesafe© and RRN had no opportunity to operate in 2020 and as such they have a backlog to manage both schemes will rely heavily on the support of our volunteers across the country to help deliver their courses.

You may be interested to know that Bikesafe© are developing an online theory session for their customers, which will be an excellent introduction for those that continue their training journey with IAM RoadSmart. For those that work with the Police Service in delivering Bikesafe©, there will be an opportunity to view their online product when it is available. 

Whilst we wish to promote and help our partners, we are mindful of our own backlogs and we ask that groups bear this in mind when utilising the time of our valuable volunteers in delivering our core business.

If you have any questions, please contact RSDM Pete Serhatlic