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  • Also a commuter question! 27th January 2021
    I see the other post from Woodsparrow and thought I'd make a similar one. Except I don't really know what I want. I know I want to buy a new bike, and that I'll put bags etc. on it. I know I want at least 650cc. That I'll spend all my time on the highway […]
  • Go Postal pics 27th January 2021
    How about, whenever you find your self in a strange town, you snap a pic of your bike in front of the local Post Office? Why? Why not? Think of it as a really short ride report. You are saying: "This town exists, and I was there on my motorcycle." Post enough of them, and […]
  • So who else is depressed b/c of the bug? 27th January 2021
    It's been a rough year and the way things going it looks like there won't be any travel at least until late Q2 or Q3.. my state started vaccination phase 1b whatever it means. All my travel plans are ruined but at least my bike hasn't been confiscated yet for overstaying in country .. How […]
  • Girl on an old motorcycle: Post your pics! 27th January 2021
    I am specifically looking for pin-up type shots of beautiful young ladies on flathead Indian V-twins. It's all good, though! What can the collective find in the way of a vintage "girl on a motorcycle" photograph or illustration? Tom in Salem
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  • Out Now: The New KTM 1290 Super Adventure S 26th January 2021
    Out Now: The new KTM 1290 Super Adventure S launches a new era of engineering mastery and performance-focused technology. Invigorating the Adventure motorcycle segment with the release of its over-1000cc ADVENTURE models for the past eight years, KTM has taken full advantage of the development feedback to introduce a new era of rider-focused design and […]
  • MotoAmerica Live+ Available Now For 2021 Season 26th January 2021
    Special Pre-Season Pricing Now Through March 15. MotoAmerica, the premier motorcycle road racing series in North America, has announced that MotoAmerica Live+, the series’ extremely popular live and on-demand streaming service, is now available for the 2021 MotoAmerica Series at a pre-season sale price of $54.99. The service is available for iOS and Android apps and Roku streaming […]
  • Indian Motorcycle Raises The Bar With FTR Delivering The Ultimate Street Tracker 26th January 2021
    Indian Motorcycle redefined what an American V-Twin can be with the introduction of its category-defying FTR platform in 2019. Now, America’s First Motorcycle Company is taking the beloved FTR platform to a whole new level of street performance with the 2022 FTR lineup. Already admired for its unique styling, strong engine and great handling, the […]
  • Akrapovič Gets Down in the Dirt with the Honda CRF450R/RX 26th January 2021
    Akrapovič has launched a totally new and revolutionary Evolution Line (Titanium)* exhaust system for the Honda CRF450R/RX, featuring an innovative design to stand up to the demands of off-road racing. This tailor-made exhaust fits the limited space available within the body of the motorcycle. It has been developed through intensive design and research by the […]
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  • The Return of a Legend is Official: 2022 Kawasaki KLR650 26th January 2021
    Kawasaki has now released details on the 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650. The KLR has been legendary in the adventure riding world since it’s release in 1987. A very straightforward, four-stroke single-cylinder with lots of fuel capacity at a fair price point.  Since 1987, not a lot has changed with Kawasaki KLR other than a slight […]
  • 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure Gets Cruise Control Radar 26th January 2021
    Smarter Than Ever KTM has taken the liberty to integrate its new cruise control radar into all 1290 Super Adventure variants, including the base model among other tech updates. The entire electronics package for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure has seen a revolutionary round of updates for the 2021 model year. Starting with the cruise […]
  • Harley Davidson, 2021 Could Be Their Year 26th January 2021
    Warning! This editorial is actually about the imminent arrival of the Pan America adventure motorcycle, but it takes a while to get there. Skip ahead for some spy shots and predictions if you like at any time. Harley Davidson unveiled their 2021 lineup of motorcycles in a COVID19-friendly, online event on January 12th. You can […]
  • New Indian FTR 1200 Is Ready for the Road 26th January 2021
    Born in the Dirt, Designed for the Street Indian’s FTR 1200 has its roots deeply seeded in their flat track racing heritage. American flat track racing – for those unaware – is the act of skidding your motorcycle around a dirt oval in circles until a winner crosses the finish line. The sport is difficult […]
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  • On this day: Beryl Swain was born 22nd January 2021
    Photo: Mortons Archive On what would have been her 85th birthday, we take a look at back at the first woman ever to achieve a solo finish in a TT race, Beryl Swain. In these times The post On this day: Beryl Swain was born appeared first on The Classic Motorcycle.
  • National Motorcycle Museum COVID-19 raffle winners announced 4th January 2021
    The results of the National Motorcycle Museum’s COVID-19 raffle appeal to win a brand new Brand New/Old Stock 1977 Norton Commando motorcycle have been revealed. Related articles: Ace Cafe London release proposed 2021 bike meets The post National Motorcycle Museum COVID-19 raffle winners announced appeared first on The Classic Motorcycle.
  • Important notice for North American subscribers 10th December 2020
    Over recent weeks we’ve been made aware some of our North American readers have not been receiving subscription copies of their magazines for a number of months through Motorsport publications. Motorsport Publications – an independent The post Important notice for North American subscribers appeared first on The Classic Motorcycle.
  • Stafford show planning 10th December 2020
    It’s sincerely hoped that the Stafford Classic MotorCycle show will be able to run at its traditional April date in 2021, with preliminary planning well underway. The 2020 event was going to be ‘40s themed’, The post Stafford show planning appeared first on The Classic Motorcycle.
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  • 11 Affordable Gift Ideas for Bikers 17th December 2020
    Since the festive season is among us, We Buy Any Bike thought we’d share our favourite gift ideas! Most of them are affordable stocking fillers, so they should be easy enough to squeeze in your basket before the big day. Hand Warmers Perfect for the festive season, especially in the UK or any colder climate. […]
  • Best Place to Sell Your Harley Davidson 7th December 2020
    There are many places to turn when the time comes to sell your Harley-Davidson. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to trade in your bike. Whether you are wishing to upgrade to the latest model, down grade for a cheaper option, or you simply need the cash, We Buy Any Bike are […]
  • Sell Your First Bike Today 9th October 2020
    Have you recently thought about selling your first bike? Are you ready to take your motorcycle chapter to the next level? Then look no further than We Buy Any Bike! Here at the UK’s leading bike trader, we love buying learner legal bikes, and we buy multiple a week! Our drivers offer their FREE collection […]
  • Untitled 6th October 2020
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin The post appeared first on We Buy Any Bike.
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  • Triumph Looks for Super Naked Crown with New Speed Triple 1200 RS (Bike Reports) (News) 26th January 2021
    Triumph has just announced the 2021 Speed Triple 1200 RS powered by an all-new 1,160cc triple engine. This motor means business … rated at 178 horsepower. The new bike has also lost 22 pounds and comes standard with Öhlins suspension components and Brembo Stylema brakes. Now the exclusive engine supplier to the Moto2 World championship, […]
  • KTM Announces New 2021 1290 Super Adventure S (Bike Reports) (News) 26th January 2021
    KTM’s blindingly fast 1290 Super Adventure S has been redesigned for the new model year with significant changes from the prior model. Now with Adaptive Cruise Control, and several changes to the chassis and bodywork, KTM says the new bike “redefines the standards in rider-focused ergonomics, performance-enhancing technology and state-of-the-art componentry.” This press release is […]
  • Kawasaki Introduces New, Redesigned 2022 KLR650 (Bike Reports) (News) 26th January 2021
    In line with expectations, Kawasaki introduced a redesigned 2022 KLR650 earlier today. While it returns with a 652cc single cylinder engine, that engine is now fuel injected and the bike features a myriad of other features. Digital instrumentation, LED headlight, larger front disc brake, and new fuel tank are just a few of the many […]
  • Sondors Metacycle: A $5,000 Breakthrough in Electric Motorcycles? (Bike Reports) (News) 25th January 2021
    Electric motorcycles increasingly appear to be the future of this industry. Current electric bikes, however, can be impractical for any number of reasons, including limited range, limited availability of recharging facilities and high purchase cost. Leaving aside the little “toy” bikes that lack the power to travel on the highway, most electric motorcycles will set […]
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  • Is age no barrier? 26th January 2021
    If you’ve ever been concerned that your age might be a barrier to setting off on an overland trip, let Franco Picco inspire you. He... The post Is age no barrier? appeared first on OVERLAND magazine.
  • Weise clothing reaches new heights 6th January 2021
    Apparently built to deal with whatever is thrown at it, the new all-season Summit jacket from Weise features a modular design for instant adaptability to... The post Weise clothing reaches new heights appeared first on OVERLAND magazine.
  • Staying warm 30th December 2020
    Staying warm with TucanoUrbano When temperatures drop, as they have certainly done in the UK, many of us turn to extra layers to keep the... The post Staying warm appeared first on OVERLAND magazine.
  • The LS2 FF805 Thunder 17th December 2020
    LS2 claim that their ‘all-new for 2021’ ultra light, full-carbon FF805 Thunder is their most technically advanced helmet yet, offering the latest race technology, first... The post The LS2 FF805 Thunder appeared first on OVERLAND magazine.
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  • Updated KTM 1290 Super Adventure S Debuts with Refinements 26th January 2021
    A revised and updated KTM 1290 Super Adventure S just debuted for 2021 with adaptive cruise control and a number of smart upgrades and refinements. The post Updated KTM 1290 Super Adventure S Debuts with Refinements appeared first on Asphalt & Rubber.
  • Indian FTR1200 Updated with 17″ Wheels for the 2022 Model Year 26th January 2021
    Released as an early 2022 machine, the updated Indian FTR family gets a bevy of important updates, including 17" wheels and a refined throttle control. The post Indian FTR1200 Updated with 17″ Wheels for the 2022 Model Year appeared first on Asphalt & Rubber.
  • The KLR Lives! Updated Kawasaki KLR650 Announced for 2022 26th January 2021
    Rumors of the Kawasaki KLR650's death have been greatly exaggerated as the popular dual-sport is back for the 2022 model year, with plenty of updates. The post The KLR Lives! Updated Kawasaki KLR650 Announced for 2022 appeared first on Asphalt & Rubber.
  • The All-New Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS Debuts for 2021 26th January 2021
    The Brits have raised their entry in the streetfighter scene with the all-new Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS for the 2021 model year. The post The All-New Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS Debuts for 2021 appeared first on Asphalt & Rubber.