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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - the human cost of the pothole pandemic

Potholes a growing concern for drivers

Potholes are perceived by motorists to be a much more significant concern on the road than they were three years ago, overtaking texting and drink driving as a worsening problem according to the findings of a new IAM RoadSmart report. The annual Safety Culture Report, which tracks drivers’ changing attitudes to key road safety issues over time, discovered that 75% of motorists now perceive potholes to be a bigger issue for road users than they were three years ago. 
Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy & Research, said: “The pothole situation on UK roads has now become much more than just irritating, it’s a significant threat to personal safety. We simply can’t have vehicles swerving into oncoming traffic or slamming on their brakes without warning to avoid them.”   Click here to read more

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