Meet 9am each Saturday, Meadowhall Retail Park Sheffield S9 2YZ
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SAM Saturday Meetings will re-commence from the 20th June 2020. We will welcome a number of new Associates. There are also likely to be a number of bikers attending for more information about advanced motorcycling and what our club can offer.  It is very important that we show good social responsibility by ensuring that we stick to the latest COVID-19 advice. All activities will be subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Before you ride, read the latest ‘COVID-19 Riding Guidelines‘ from the Coalition of Motorcycling Organisations. It contains the latest guidance for ALL motorcyclists on:
    1. COVID-19 Rider Safety Code
    2. Advice on Group Riding
    3. Biker Down: Riders Guidance on Attendance at Accidents
  2. Any members wanting to self-organise small group rides, i.e. less than 6 riders, should do so at an alternative venue. This will ensure that ONLY Observers and their associates and riders needing First Ride Assessments will meet at Meadowhall Retail Park.
  3. Observers: if you are available for First Ride Assessments please let Alan Yates (Guidance Secretary) know.
  4. Observed rides will commence with priority given to existing Associates. Any bikers wanting to do an advanced riding course can sign up and will be allocated their own Observer as soon as possible. Dates and times for First Ride Assessments will be organised by Alan Yates (Guidance Secretary).
  5. Observers meeting Associates at a venue other than Meadowhall Retail Park should let Alan Yates (Guidance Secretary) know when and where they are meeting any Associates to undertake coaching activity. This ensures we meet our public liability obligations.
  6. Alan Yates (Guidance Secretary) will allocate new Associates to Observers and re-allocate any Associates whose Observers remain isolated.
  7. SAM Committee representatives will be available, at 9am every Saturday, to extend a warm welcome to any bikers wanting to find out more about advanced motorcycle riding and answer any questions.
  8. At any meet-ups make sure that you follow personal hygiene and social distancing guidance to keep everyone safe.

Some riders will not have ridden for some time. It is very important that time is taken to slowly orient yourself to the bike, the road and the traffic conditions. As always ALL SAM members should continue to show their advanced riding skills and use their advanced roadcraft knowledge throughout any rides they make. Let’s all enjoy our new riding freedom safely and responsibly. 

To any SAM members, their families and friends who have suffered ill health during this period of enforced isolation, we wish you all the best and hope to see you as soon as we can. We have missed all our members and look forward to riding with you again.

Stay healthy, stay safe and ride safe
Your SAM Committee.