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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 18th November 2022

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Annual Photo Competition 2021


We started this week by honouring veterans who have served to protect us and safeguard our freedoms. The SAM Club recognises and respects your sacrifices, made on our behalf of us all. Thank you. 

From reports, the SAM Club Curry Night went very well. A fine time was had by everyone. Thank  you to all those members who supported the event.

More sad news is that the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership is to scale back its road safety activities. This includes road safety programs related to P2Ws (motorcycles and scooters to you and me – although it should now include electric bicycles powered by electric motors). SYP was made up of the Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield Councils, South Yorkshire Police and the South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service. In August 2022, this group voted to return road safety activities back to the public health, traffic, road safety, or road safety education departments of each Council. Given that some of these council departments have a very wide range of responsibilities, P2W safety may not be high on their agendas. SYSRP’s role will include analysing data, coordinating road safety campaigns, maintaining their website and publishing digital magazines. The loss of the Young Driver and Rider Officer, Jonathan Furniss (RAM member), might also be a blow to services to young motorists. We are expecting a new strategy document, due to be published in Autumn 2022, but have yet to hear anything. 

Whilst change in any organisation is to be expected, it would be helpful is the members of SYSRP had asked the opinions of local charities/groups/businesses who support the work of SYSRP, we would like to be consulted on any future plans. To the best of our knowledge no such consultation has been offered. Why is this important? IAM RoadSmart is auditing local groups to assess the future support they are able to provide. SAM members, let us know your thoughts. 

Taking advantage of the appointment of a new Transport Minister, Mark Harper MP, IAM RoadSmart CEO, Anthony Kildare, took the opportunity to call for immediate action to get the UK back on track as a world leader in road safety. IAM RoadSmart wants clarification on 7 key areas including motorcycle safety and e-scooter regulation. Read the full article here

In the rest of your SAM Club newsletter this week we ask does the combined bike/rider weight contribute to performance? How to cut your motorcycle running costs. What to expect when servicing your bike. The secrets of riding in the coldest conditions. More ways to get better riding skills. Why motorcyclists make excellent drivers. Is this hydrogen-powered concept bike the future of biking? What happens if you have an accident and the insurer stops trading? 

Finally, more legal advice on common issues bikers have to deal with all the time. So much interesting content, so happy reading.

PS: Don’t forget to put the SAM CLUB CHRISTMAS PARTY in your diary. We’ll have a lot of fun!

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