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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 22nd July 2022


The self-organised group rideouts continue to help SAM members preserve and enhance their advanced riding skills. There are now more organised rides appearing on the calendar. On the 31st July there will be the ‘Ride for the Whiteknights’ ride. A day later, on the 1st August there will be the SAM Chairman’s Annual Ride. In mid-August, Steve Harper will lead a ride into the Yorkshire Dales. There is a new publication, ‘Steve’s Mad Ride – the full story’ to read. As if you haven’t heard enough about the LDU Challenge, there is a new video done by one of the riders.

Road safety news has been pouring out this week. The EU is looking to make speed limiters and data recorders mandatory in all new vehicles. If you think this won’t affect the UK, think again. The UK Government is starting its rush to decarbonisation by targeting motorcycles. Specifically, L-plate riders, i.e. bikes of less than 125cc. Given public animosity to L-plate riders, limited vehicle range and a lack of charging infrastructure, this seems a poorly thought-out policy. Both the NMC and FEMA have raised strong objections, arguing that these L-plate riders are often young, have limited incomes and will need transport to get to work or education. Further, they argue that motorcycles are part of the solution to climate change, not part of the problem. You can have your say by following the link in your newsletter. 

Onto current issues, the heatwave. It looks like the hot weather will be with us for a while. The most serious problems might be overwrought road users suffering short tempers in the heat. There is advice on how to cope with riding in a heatwave. You should also make sure that you understand the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion. A recent IAM RoadSmart survey suggests that 4 out of 10 drivers do not know drink-drive limits. The cooling effect of a cold beer may have unintended consequences. 

With fuel prices still at record levels IAM RoadSmart have warned that there are some ‘incredibly dangerous’ fuel-saving tricks circulating on the internet. The National Highways Agency has published some ‘driver info cards’. Devitt Insurance has published some new films about bike maintenance. MCN has published videos on safer riding. These stories and a lot more are in your SAM Newsletter this week. Happy reading.  

SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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