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It’s nearly the end of the year, so from everyone at the SAM Club, HAPPY NEW YEAR wherever you ride. It’s been a challenging year to keep the SAM Club moving forward, so there is a review, just to remind you, of most of the things that your Club newsletter has brought you.

In this week’s newsletter, Barcelona are planning to make urban roads safer for motorcyclists. They are introducing motorcycle-only lanes. It will be interesting to see how other road users react. If using UK bus lanes is anything to go by, there will be a lot of violations. 

Money is tight and getting tighter. Even for the relatively well-heeled, belt-tightening is the order of the day. This is why you will see an article of the most reliable bikes on the market. Just in case you are tempted to splash the cash.

A new Australian research centre has become operational. It is looking at just how protective is motorcycle gear? After the finding, by Trading Standards, of a large amount of ‘mislabelled’ items on sale at this year’s Motorcycle Live and other events, reliable information is even more important. After all, the riding gear you use is all that stands between you and the plastic surgeon.

Piaggio’s MP3 HPE Exclusive is getting a lot of motorcycle journalists drooling. Such enhancements as blind spot detection, improved riding position, improved engine performance and a reversing camera have lit up interest. In France, where Piaggio launches all its new models, the MP3 came to prominence when François Hollande was caught leaving the Presidential Palace, riding pillion, for a ‘secret’ liaison with girlfriend. The Paparazzi were also riding MP3s! Sales of MP3s in France exploded.

Although Christmas is over, you might think it’s too late for a gift list for your favourite biker. The unhelpful biker gift list is a bit different and a good laugh too. 

Finally, our adventure story is about the first coast to coast motorcycle ride in 1903. Definitely worth a read. Until next week, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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