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You can tell winter is coming, it’s time for the SAM Club Curry Night. As places are limited you should BOOK NOW! Remember it’s also SAM Club Night on Monday, 7th November 2022 at Treeton Miners Welfare Club. There’s a speaker so make sure that you show your support for all the efforts that are being made by the SAM Committee on your behalf. Talking of the SAM Committee, in April 2023 we will desperately need volunteers to help out. Life has changed for some SAM Committee members so if you would like to help steer the SAM Club, make your willingness to help be known to a SAM Club Committee member. The posts of Chairman and Secretary are essential to the running of the SAM Club, so if you want a challenge just let us know. 

The Isle of Man TT organisation has published its racing schedule for 2023. If you would like to help with marshalling the course just let the organisers know. 

In September, Police Scotland warned tourists about increased motorcycle thefts in the country. (See the advice given in last week’s SAM Club Newsletter). MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) organised a petition and wrote to the Scottish Government about the problem of motorcycle thefts, particularly amongst motorcycle tourists visiting the country. They made a number of positive suggestions on how to curb the rise in thefts. Disappointingly, the Scottish Government replied to these concerns by restating existing policies and laws. It seems the Scottish Government has failed to heed the warning about motorcycle thefts from its own police force. They did, however, agree to meet with MAG representatives to discuss the issue further. Let’s hope that the National Motorcyclists Council, which represents the interests of most motorcycle owners, will also want to be present.

Also in your SAM Club Newsletter this week, winter takes a toll on our precious machines, so there’s some timely advice on how to use a power washer, change the brake disks, resolve electrical problems and winterise your bike.  

If you are looking forward to Spring and thinking that a new bike might be nice, now is the time to start looking. With the traditional downturn in motorcycle sales and the need for dealers to turn over stock before new models appear, you might be able to pick up a bargain. To help the process there is some great advice on test riding a new bike before you buy.

Finally, it’s onto my favourite subject, biking adventures. This week it’s about Max Reich’s round the world exploits in the late 1920s and early 1930s. It’s a testament to what can be achieved with early motorcycle technology and the determination to succeed. Happy reading.

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