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SAM Club Weekly Newsletter – 5th August 2022

The SAM Chairman’s Annual Ride Out was great fun. I don’t know whether the route over rutted back roads was chosen to challenge riding ability or the bike’s suspension. It did both. Everyone had a great time talking about how bikes coped and very appreciatively about the challenging route. There was also a comment that, from the rear, riding the MP3 looks like you’ve got your feet on the road! It’s a darn comfortable ride though. It was really great to catch up with SAM riders we rarely meet and find out what’s been happening in their riding lives. As members requested there are now more ‘SAM Club Organised Rides’. Find the details on the SAM website calendar. Make sure that you appreciate the time and effort taken in organising them by turning up to ride.

Now I’ve said this before, I love the history of motorcycling. Especially the stories on how it’s changed people’s lives. In your SAM newsletter this week there is a great story about a motorcycle pioneer from Wigan. BMW could probably use his expertise right now as 44,000 GS models need to be inspected for possible damage to the rear drive. 

We move on to more biking adventures with a story about an 18,600-mile trip around Australia. ‘Duct tape, zip ties and tuna cans’ says it all. If after reading that you fancy having a go, read the Motoress article about travelling long-distance as a solo rider. Before you ride off into the sunset, make sure that you read the commonest mistakes of self-taught adventure riders. Also, because we all need a little help sometimes, you might find ‘Perception – Being a Good Samaritan’ interesting. 

If you are more of an armchair biker, then the 10 best bike-related YouTube Channels could interest you. As it was ‘Yorkshire Day’ on the 1st August, then the ‘5 most fuel-efficient motorcycles’ will put a smile on your wallet.

Lastly, with the UK Government hell-bent on getting petrol-powered motorcycles to disappear up their own exhausts by 2035 (only 14 years left to go), you’ll definitely want to read about how manufacturers are future-proofing the motorcycle industry. They are doing what has been done since the birth of humans, inventing and engineering the solutions. Happy reading.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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