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SAM Members Update – October 2019

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Due to a family bereavement I’m a bit late this week with your monthly update. It’s been a quiet month, probably because a lot of us were away riding. Some of the Thursday riders took a trip to the Cotswolds. The joys of sat navs meant we got lost three times and did 5 u-turns. All in the adventure of riding. The journey out was, fortunately, under blue skies and sunshine. The return home was a different matter. It started out well then rained off-and-on. That was until we got near Ollerton when the heavens opened with a vengeance and kept tipping bath loads of water on us. A solid lesson in ensuring that you have waterproof gear that will cope with unexpected changes in the weather. A couple of groups have been to Scotland and had an equally challenging time in the rain, but the twisty roads made for some exciting riding. Another group of members decided to go a little further and rode to the continent. The weather was fine but the speed traps caught some out, so it was a shock to pay out €120 when they got back. The new SAM website is now signed off by the committee and is going into final build phase. The SAM Biker I.C.E. Card has been redesigned to cope with the increase in medications that aging bikers have to take; and, a few other helpful improvements. Our social media accounts are active with lots of interesting items for you to enjoy. IAM RoadSmart are offering discounted courses until the end of October 2019. SYSRP continue to offer discounted CBT courses until the end of December 2019. There are lots more news items below.

In this month’s SAM members update:

  1. SAM Club Update
  2. South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership
  3. IAM RoadSmart
  4. Social Media Roundup


1. SAM Club Update

  • New SAM Website: The new SAM website has been signed off by the committee. I am now turning the prototype website into a fully developed one ready for deployment to our hosting account. 
  • Ride Outs & the drop-off system: It’s as well to remind ourselves from time to time on the group riding standard we should be showing each week. You can find the guidance from IAM RoadSmart on the SAM website. Click the link above and have a read.
  • Updated Biker I.C.E. Card: This invaluable riding item continues to be improved as we learn more about the demands made of it. Later this week a revised A5 design will replace the current Biker I.C.E. card on the SAM website. It will be a good time for you to make sure the one you carry is up to date. The new version gives more room for medication (we are all getting older) and additional contacts. But it still folds down to the size of a credit card that easily fits into your wallet/purse.
  • Stay in touch: Some SAM members are having a really hard time with illness lately. All have told us that, in spite of their ill health, they want their SAM friends to stay in touch and share their adventures. So, why not phone and arrange to visit someone who is having a bit of a hard time. After all, laughter is the best medicine ~ and much better when shared with friends.

2. South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership

  • Be bright → BE SEEN!! Campaign: This road safety campaign will run over the Autumn, so look out for your chance to share the advice on social media.
  • Meet Dave: He is a new manikin half dressed in  PPE (personal protection equipment) and half in summer clothing. He will be used to promote wearing protective gear when you’re riding. The artwork showing the injuries are truly believable.
  • New films: A series of films are being produced to support safer riding and driving.
  • Virtual reality programs: The modern world has been caught up with a new virtual reality headset the allows users to practice identifying hazards whilst riding or driving.
  • BikeSafe: The last BikeSafe course for 2019 has been run. The courses will start again in April 2020. Spread the word and contact the Lifewise Centre for details.
  • Biker Down: The last Biker Down session was held on the 2nd October 2019. Watch out for the schedule in 2020 and spread the word.

3. IAM RoadSmart Update

  • New Chairman: Andy Barratt has elected to stand down as chairman of IAM RoadSmart. He has also resigned as a trustee. Vice chairman Derek McMullan has been elected chairman. 
  • Campaigns: IAM RoadSmart is planning several campaigns over the upcoming months. After receiving group feedback, we would like to help local groups to feel more involved with marketing activity, in order to support group activity on a local level. Our marketing team would be delighted to assist with any support required for local events or group meetings. 
  • Mental Health: As mentioned in the first article above, this month IAM RoadSmart is running a Mental Health Campaign, to raise awareness of how driving and riding can be affected by mental health conditions. Keep an eye out on our social media for content raising awareness of these themes, and please share these with your group as well as family and friends. 
  • Telematics: Another upcoming project is a focus on telematics. IAM RoadSmart will be promoting its on-road modules to improve black box scores which will hopefully reduce insurance premiums. 
  • Rider & Driver Courses: There will be a Christmas campaign to promote the Advanced Driver and Rider Course gift vouchers – a perfect Christmas present! There will be more information to follow to assist with any winter events or group evenings your group may be planning. 
  • Classic15: Associates can use this discount code, until the end  of October 2019, to get 15% off a rider course.
  • Thank You: IAM RoadSmart would like to thank local groups for the incredible response to the Classic Car campaign. It’s been amazing to see so many groups get involved with the promotion, and to hear all about the events taking place over the summer. Hopefully there will be more opportunities for similar engagement in the coming months. As always, we welcome your feedback! Please feel free to send any comments to to let us know your thoughts.
  • Autumn Riding Tips: Reminding ourselves how riding changes with the season is a good way to make sure we keep our riding skills consistent with riding changes needed. It can be easy to get into the habit of using last season’s riding style.
  • Smartphones and children: As if there aren’t enough hazards with drivers using smartphones, they are now hazardous for children. Several times a week I pick up my grandchildren from school and often see children oblivious to anything else than their mobile phones. But to give the kids some credit, if a friend comes along the hilarity and mischief soon emerges again! For road users its an increasing hazard, so we need to be even more alert in urban areas, especially at home time when the coiled  springs of a mass of children are unleashed.
  • Tips for new riders: We all come across new riders who could use a little advice. Here is an article from Richard Gladman (IAM RoadSmart Head of Riding Standards) that you can share.
  • Watch out for deer: It’s that time of year when animals are more likely to cross roads. Here is some advice to keep you shiny side up and that you can share with other road users you meet.
  • IAM YouTube Channel: Video is the new newspaper and textbook. IAM RoadSmart have started to put out new material so drop in and see what you can learn/remind yourself about. Two new videos have been put on the SAM website that I found very informative and might help you to explain IAM RoadSmart advanced riding to prospective Associates. Share on your social media news feeds.
  • Get your IAM Rider/Driver Course Discount Vouchers for family and friends.
  1. Social Media Roundup

    Here are some great articles that we have shared on our social media newsfeed: 

Share with all your social media friends and help to spread our message for safer riding and safer roads.

Until next time
Paul Conway
Editor and Webmaster
Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

Extra bits

  • Next SAM Committee Meeting: 30th October 2019
  • Next SAM Club Night: 4th November 2019: Parkit Racing & Suspension
  • Gift Aid FormGift Aid allows UK charities to claim back the basic rate tax already paid on donations. This means we can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, boosting the value of the donation by a quarter. Use this link to fill in the form on the SAM website and send it to
  • Changing your email address: If you change your email address then let me know so that we can keep you informed of all the exciting things happening in your club.
  • IAM RoadSmart member discounts: SAM members, are you making the most of your IAM RoadSmart membership? There are lots of discount savings that can offset your IAM RoadSmart and SAM membership fees, so grab a bargain TODAY!
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