SAM October Monthly Meeting Update

Fran receiving well-deserved gifts from Andy Frith (SAM Chairman) on behalf of all SAM members

Fran hasn’t had a good year in 2018 and has now had to stand down as a member of the SAM Committee, the SAM Training Committee and as a SAM Observer. Fran has been a very respected, highly skilled advanced motorcyclist Observer. She has been incredibly dedicated to the SAM charity over many years, giving us a very  strong guiding hand in the development of the SAM Oberserver coaching teams; and, helping many motorcyclists to develop their advanced riding skills. On behalf of all SAM Club members, Andy Frith (chairman) presented Fran with a small token our sincere appreciation for all the help that she has freely given to the club. The gifts were a small Amazon gift voucher and a very lovely orchid. We will miss her energy and enthusiasm and send our very best wishes for her recovery to health and fitness.

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