Meet 9am each Saturday, Meadowhall Retail Park Sheffield S9 2YZ
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Yes, it’s happened! The calendar of SAM events has been filled to the end of 2021. There’s the SAM Autumn Breakfast (you’ve booked your place on the website haven’t you?), the SAM Club Night at Treeton and the SAM Christmas Party (yes, Janis is planning the shopping expedition as I write!). Saturday Meetings at Meadowhall Retail Park saw 40+ bikers last Saturday. If you weren’t there you missed a good meet and ride out. In this week’s newsletter there is the theory of a conspiracy that Lawrence of Arabia was murdered in the bike crash that killed him. Trauma surgeons have suggested that horse riders are more at risk of serious injury than motorcyclists. Well, if they will get on an animal that has a mind of its own. The biker only has to cope with the brain in the body holding onto the handlebars! Police in Australia have told motorcycle gangs to wear make-up to cover their facial tattoos. We know that winter is coming and we will have snow. Royal Enfield have taken riding a whole lot further with a motorcycle expedition to the South Pole! Do you know what a Dutch Reach is? It’s in the new UK Highway Code. Sometimes it can be quite a chore to turn a bike around in the garage. A new turntable system makes it really easy, but you’ll have to deplete the bank account to buy it. Lastly, a look at the future of motorcycles, according to concept designers, will pique your interest. 

To ensure that anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters are also on the SAM website; so, everyone can read, enjoy and share. We have readers in many countries! Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.