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The SAM Christmas Party was a great success! Whilst some regular members were missing, everyone that was there really enjoyed the chat, food and raffle prizes. Mostly, everyone enjoyed being back together, meeting friends and catching up with the latest events in their lives.

There are still some members who have not paid their SAM Club and IAM RoadSmart membership fees. At an average cost of 98p/week you’ll still have plenty left for new bike parts!

In this week’s newsletter, Max Biaggi sets a new electric motorcycle record. We just need the batteries to last a bit longer, so we don’t have to wait for them to charge up to get us home. There’s another report about a really cool flying electric motorcycle. Although SAM members ride all year, there is advice on laying up your bike if you don’t have a shed or garage. Then you can get out the winter hack to ride. The DVLA sent its latest initiative on teaching new drivers about vulnerable cyclists to ADIs this week. The DVLA advice completely ignored vulnerable powered 2-wheel riders. Some bikers took exception to this omission and your Editor posted a comment on the IAM RoadSmart feed to suggest this terrible oversight should be addressed by the National Motorcyclist Council. IAM RoadSmart say that they are fully behind correcting this dreadful oversight and fully support motorcycling as a ‘viable method of transport which supports the (UK) Government’s alternative transport strategies’. IAM RoadSmart is working on behalf of biking and is supported by the SAM Club. As a biker and SAM member, your voice on the future of biking and its vital role in any transport policy needs to be heard. You too can tell IAM RoadSmart how you think it can represent the views of ordinary bikers. There are many more interesting biking stories for you to enjoy. 

Anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, including the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters, on the SAM website. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.

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