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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 16th July 2021


The trouble with online editors is that sometimes they don’t format everything properly, but you only find out after the newsletter has gone out. So, this week you’ve got the newsletter as a pdf attachment to this email. We’ll see how it goes this week!! You may have noticed that you didn’t get Kevin Williams’ newsletter last week. It was because he was thinking about giving it up. His loyal readers convinced him to change his mind and it should be back this week. If you can’t wait for you dose of very well informed advanced riding advice there are links in the email to take you to his publications. South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership (SYSRP) has been promoting SAM and RAM’s advanced riding courses. There is growing disquiet in the motorcycle community about the impact of Traffic Regulation Orders banning riding on sealed roads. An Israeli startup is developing some new kit to keep motorcyclists safe. The ZOE study has produced a vaccination-dependent COVID symptom list. The DVLA are warning motorists about a new scam involving driving licence renewal.  The UK has made less progress on reducing road deaths than most European countries. Along with more news from SYSRP, the internet world of motorcycling and IAM RoadSmart, this is your new look SAM newsletter. Read, enjoy and share. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed. 

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