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We start this week with the continuing saga about changes to the UK’s Highway Code. It seems most road users either find them confusing or are totally unaware that any changes have been made.

Bike safety is back in the news. Honda has now filed patents for several systems including its crash detection radar. A more uplifting development is the idea that parachutes could become part of a bikers kit. Yes, you did read that right, parachutes. I wonder if, like airbags, they’ll be tested on the race track first. Now that would be a sight to see. 

In Germany, electric bikes have been banned from mountain roads in some regions. They have apparently fallen victim, in German law, to an outdated definition of a motorcycle! It also seems a lot of British bikers are confused about taking their bikes to France. This is the result, as reported last week, of a dispute between UK Brexit Officials and French Customs on what is meant by ‘means of transport’. 

Despite the incredible growth in motorcycle sales, partly driven by current cost of living increases, there is a shortage of semiconductors within the supply chains. So, the electronic parts on your bike will need extra loving care or it could be laid up in the garage because the essential electronic gismo you need is on backorder.

Now I am a sucker for old motorcycles. I like to visit motorcycle museums, collect books on the history of motorcycling and last year I even helped a local author with a book about the first Triumph Junior Model LW first made in 1913. In this week’s newsletter you can read about a slightly later bike, a 1944 Whizzer Model H. It gave powered two-wheels to a whole new generation of riders.

Lastly, SAM Member Steven Bennett will be attempting to complete the ‘Longest Day Challenge’. The story of the bike and the trip will be available next week. For now, if you haven’t sponsored Steve yet, please be generous and help him raise a little more for a really great cause. Roy Clark (Membership Secretary) is doing a sponsored walk for the Alzheimer’s Society, so give him your support too. Until next week, happy reading.

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