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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 19th August 2022


Back to more mundane reporting in this week’s SAM Newsletter. The motorcycle touring season is in full swing, so we’ve got some different reading for you. First up, there is a frank article about touring with your ‘soul mate’. Now I’ve toured with a pillion for many years and some of the advice came as a real surprise. To take things a step further there are articles on eating well whilst travelling and touring in Europe. To finish this subject there is a very interesting read from a motorcycling journalist riding through the war zones in Ukraine.

As our primary purpose, as an advanced motorcycling club, is safety, there are articles on caring for your tyres, counter steering and the throttle grip whilst cornering. Every one is essential reading for all of the SAM Club’s ‘thinking bikers’. Carrying on the safety theme there is an article about Surrey County Council’s proposal to reduce speed limits from 60mph to 20mph on rural roads. There is a lot of dissent about this proposal saying that the risk analysis is seriously flawed and it may even have very serious unintended consequences. Make up your own mind. If you are interested in helping bikers to be safer on the roads, there is a petition to increase the penalties for bike thieves. 

Some really brilliant news this week is about the 17-year-old who has designed a revolutionary new motor and won a major international science and engineering prize. There’s talk about it being used in both cars and bikes, so see what you think. Finally, the historical slot is a story about sexism and misogyny in motorcycle racing in the 1960s. It’s the story of Beryl Swain and the prejudice she faced, but paved the way for female racers like Ana Caasco and Maria Costello today. Happy reading.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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