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SAM Weekly Newsletter 19th November 2021


It’s done! The shopping expedition is completed and all the wonderful raffle prizes have been bought. They are now safely stored, ready to bring to the SAM CHRISTMAS PARTY! See you all at 7.30pm 6th December 2021.

Winter’s almost here, some days it certainly feels cold enough.  In this week’s newsletter, there are tips for staying warm. The list has expanded so there are now more medical conditions that need to be reported to the DVLA. There’s a report on a pilot test to stop roads from flooding. Controlling the weather might help! A new system to help cars avoid colliding with motorcycles has gone to market in Australia. Securing your bike just got a bit safer with a new type of lock. If riding in all seasons, like me, is for you, then you’ll want to read the winter riding tips. If you have to put the bike away, possibly to take out the winter hack, then there is advice on how to store it. The argument about whether loud pipes save lives has surfaced again, along with the question of why do slow crashes hurt so much? If you could only have one bike for life, what would it be? Also, read about how to give bikers a bad name and how showing off on your bike can give you a heavy price to pay. These and LOTS more stories are here for you to enjoy and share. 

To ensure that anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters are also on the SAM website; so, everyone can read, enjoy and share. We have readers in many countries! Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed. 

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