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That’s half the year gone. I hope that your first six months of the year have been as exciting as mine. Lots of changes in law for road users, a rapid pace of development in motorcycling and bikers doing what they do best – riding as many miles as possible and challenging themselves. SAM Club’s hero this month has been Steve Bennett completing his marathon 2,000+ mile ride to raise money for Cancer Research Uk’s Leukaemia research. There will be more on his story later. We’ve had some advanced rider test passes to be celebrated at the next SAM Club Night on the 4th July 2022. Remember, there WILL BE NO SAM CLUB NIGHT in August. Everyone is on holiday. I’m away with Janis, for our first biking holiday this year, on our new Piaggio MP3 500. So, there will be no SAM Newsletter for two weeks as we enjoy our riding. We are very excited!

In the newsletter this week Zero are offering 0% finance on their full range of bikes. With the UK Government continuing with its Grant Scheme, if you want to dip your toe into the electric bike world, then this might be your chance. You can then tell us all about it. Having an electric bike won’t help you much if you want to travel under the Tinsley viaduct, it’s closed for 11 weeks for bridge repairs. If you know someone who is getting into biking there is a good article from Bennett’s Insurance about the cost of motorcycle ownership. Of course those of us who are riding just look at the next bike gizmo and like a child in a sweet shop all sense of cost can disappear.

Not quite ready to jump on an electric bike? Take a look at the Segway Hybrid motorcycle. A ‘Tron-like’ concept machine that turns hydrogen into electrical energy. With a top speed of 93mph, the Apex H2 might make the fastest Segway yet. 

It’s been warm, very warm this Summer and there is some great advice on how to stay cool whilst riding when it’s hot. Planning a motorcycle trip abroad? There is a great FEMA website with lots of very useful information on riding in ALL European countries. Worth a look. I really like biker adventure stories. Apart from Steve Bennett, on his (now sold) 14-year-old MP3 400, there is a great story about Edwin Duiverman’s plans to travel Europe. 

Beware! There have been a LOT of bike thefts recently. I think it might be the fine weather that brings thieves out of their caves. The problem is so bad that West Yorkshire Advanced Motorcyclists have moved their weekly meet-up away from Skelton Services on the M6. Remember, a tracker, even a cheap one, can help you get your bike back quickly and perhaps get another bike thief locked up. Of course chains, locks and eyes are also useful, but thieves at Skelton Services were threatening and dangerous, so never put yourself at risk. See you in two weeks, stay healthy and ride safe – it’s definitely better than the alternatives!

SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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