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Another week has passed and the weather is beginning to turn autumnal. There are promises of a late heat wave, but weather forecasts are predictions not certainties. What is certain is that, barring catastrophes, your SAM Club Newsletter will get delivered to your inbox. But did you know that the newsletter also gets published on the SAM website, Facebook and Twitter too. This way it can be shared with all our biking friends and any bikers who may be interested in joining the SAM Club. In this week’s issue we celebrate National Blood Bike Awareness Day and congratulate North West Blood Bikes on their 100,000th delivery. It’s definitely been a busy year and they are always looking for advanced motorcycle riders to help out. An interesting event occurred in France recently. 24 hours after a law requiring motorbike inspections was introduced, it was suspended indefinitely. Bikers all over France, 20,000 in Paris, protested at the EU legal directive and their voices were heard. After a 2-year absence Pikes Peak has banned the ‘Race to the Clouds’ motorcycle race, citing that it is too dangerous for the road and conditions. If riding in the clouds is where you would like to be, read about the new flying motorcycle from Jetpack Aviation. Warning, it’s v-e-r-y expensive. Shiny side up have produced a new video animation on bends that you might find interesting. There is a link to the latest advice on when to replace your helmet. Perhaps to take advantage of the upsurge in interest in motorcycle riding, new modular helmets seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment. There is lots more of interest that has been culled from the biking world for you to enjoy, so read, enjoy and share with all you friends. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.