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SAM Weekly Newsletter – 20th May 2022


The sun is shining and all SAM riders are out on their bikes. Such a glorious sight! In your SAM Newsletter this week it’s wonderful to read there are organisations working hard to get people onto powered 2-wheel transport. Read about the increasing popularity of eBikes and how in Birmingham, illegally ridden eBikes have been seized and crushed. Also what does a police-trained biker and driver think about the BikeSafe course. Noise pollution monitoring has started. Young (and older) new riders are getting more help to use powered 2-wheel transport.

It’s really heartwarming to read that young (and older) new riders are getting a lot of help with getting onto two wheels. Honda’s FREE Ride Experience for getting aspiring. pre-CBT riders, onto two wheels. For complete novices they start with monkey bikes and get the ‘new rider’ to progress slowly to more powerful machines. Very good PR and a real service to those people who want to ride bikes. Our good friends at SYSRP/F&R also continue their road safety campaigns, not only offering FREE help to get people riding, but also providing a great series of videos on how to look after their bikes. Definitely worth watching. 

In spite of a full training schedule, Kevin Williams has had a busy week putting out his 60-Second Safety series, a discussion article on bike stopping distances, emergency braking (and why you should practise it often), corner lines and two video broadcasts. All worth your time to read/watch and ponder the content.

Noise cameras are on trial in four areas of England and Wales this summer. These will automatically detect bikes breaking noise limits. Speed cameras for sound? I am not sure whether this will make for a quieter biking life, but at least electric bikes won’t have any cause to worry. Electric bikes are becoming much more popular now with sales increasing rapidly, in both power output and range, with the development of the technology.  

As the big day gets closer, Steve Bennett is still taking donations for his 24-hour charity ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats on the 21st of June. Finally, as if we haven’t endured enough with persistent COVID, there are quite a few SAM Club members who are having a difficult time with some serious health problems. Everyone in your Club sends you the very best wishes at this difficult time in life. Stay in touch to share more stories about bikes, bikers and biking.

SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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