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Well it looks like the new normal is settling down really well in the SAM Club. We have always provided advanced rider training, Observer training, Club nights, organised rides and best of all the self-organised rides made by you, our brilliant members. Some of the latter groups are now asking riders to do a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before meeting up. This is a very good idea as it helps to protect everyone who is meeting up and riding; so, think about taking an LFT before you meet up with your SAM friends. I know it tickles your nose and makes you sneeze, well it does me anyway; but, it shows that you are doing it right and caring for the welfare of your friends.

Whilst you are all out and about why not stop and take a snap to upload or send in for the SAM Annual Photo Competition. The entry form is set up on the website. You can upload up to 10 images, in either *.jpg or *.png format. Don’t forget to give a number and label to each photo in the text box. Our security ensures that only suitable images are uploaded and will rename the file to prevent any subsequent access to it.  You can upload your entries here, or send them to The winner will be announced at the SAM AGM in April.

In this weeks’ newsletter there is news of an MCN promotion to subscribe to Bikes Unlimited and get six of Britain’s best biking magazines. There are questions about how Chancellor Rishi Sunak is going to make up for the loss of tax revenue after the collapse of diesel car ownership and use. A new pay-per-mile tax seems to be testing public opinion. Whilst this may, on the face of it, seem a very attractive way to extract coin from our pockets, nobody is discussing the inevitable social consequences of reducing everyone’s ability to travel. Not least on the sick and vulnerable in our society. 

If you are feeling particularly civic-minded this week there is  news about different campaigns that you, as a SAM biker, might want to support. There is more news about the so-called Smart Motorways saga. It seem that the AA has proposed turning the inside lane into a hard shoulder at night. Also, one National Highways Officer, appearing in a BBC Panorma programme, has stated that ‘Smart motorways were given to us as a lie’. If true, this is a very serious accusation that needs further investigation. We’ve also, as if one pandemic wasn’t enough, apparently been suffering from a ‘pothole pandemic’

At times, we can all be reluctant to admit our riding faults, so there’s a timely article on the most common riding errors; and, how to avoid them. After you’ve polished up your riding skills you might like to read how biking can change a life. Read Rhonda-the-Honda’s story to find out more.

At least there is some bright news. The Manchester Bike Show is back. We can all go and look at our next bikes and look forward to enjoying the coming Spring even more. To encourage more bikers to become advanced riders, IAM RoadSmart is offering a 10% discount on courses in January 2022. Just use the code ‘Jan10’ when you apply. Spread the word.  Anyone interested in SAM activities can find them, including the SAM and Survival Skills newsletters, on the SAM website. SAM Club members can find all the latest Club events on the website’s Calendar. Read, enjoy and share your Club’s newsletter with ALL your friends and family. Until next week stay healthy and ride safely.

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