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Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Merry Christmas to bikers everywhere.

SAM Weekly Newsletter – 23rd December 2022


Merry Christmas to all SAM members, their family and friends. Also, to all our supporters wherever you live and wherever you ride, seasons greetings from everyone in the SAM Club.

Back to my pet hate, electric scooters. To the list of dangerous vehicles, ridden by untrained, untested, uninsured and untaxed owners, we must add the electric unicycle. Even at £2,000 – £3,000 the electric unicycle, capable of speeds up to 60mph, these machines will find customers wanting to emulate the crazy stunts currently being widely shown on social media platforms. Silent when moving it’s another serious hazard for bikers and other road users to avoid. Watch here A better development is the electric, off-road, bike that becomes a ski bike when the snow arrives. It would certainly make winter travel  easier in Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Talking about winter riding we’ve got some more safe riding tips. It’s always really good to get different perspectives on safer riding and adapt your knowledge and skill set to suit conditions wherever you ride. There’s also an ultimate guide to riding in ULEZ zones(city and urban ultra-low emission zones). Keeping our riding theme going, how much do you understand about oil and fuel consumption. It’s amazing how we pay little attention to these essentials to riding – until something goes wrong!

Bikers like to talk. Meet up with any group of bikers and however many there are, just double the number of opinions, on any subject, that you are likely to hear. That’s why it’s hats off to Police Scotland, Edinburgh City Council, local businesses and members of the Scottish Parliament to meet with MAG representatives and other bikers to discuss bike thefts. Last year, this serious bike theft problem prompted Police Scotland to instigate Operation Soteria. It resulted in 36 arrests, 185 criminal charges and the recovery of 131 bikes. When was the last time, as a biker, any government official, asked your opinion on a bike-related problem? Asking ordinary bikers for their opinions might be a somewhat challenging task, but they can often come up with very practical solutions, not visible to those who are far away from powered two wheels and tarmac. Just a thought.

Our first biking adventurer this week set off from Berlin on a Zero SR/F. His girlfriend is driving the support van, so they will have some interesting tales to tell. But the pair will have to watch their speeds in Austria. The government, in pursuit of protecting the climate, is proposing to bring in a law to seize and resell any vehicle that exceeds the speed limit. I wonder if that will include motorised unicycles? Also hitting the open road on a bike is a biker following the heritage trail of his ancestors, sea to shining sea. 

Finally, I love art and particularly the art of motorcycles. It was a great pleasure to discover the Motor Cycle Arts Foundation. This non-profit organisation is dedicated to the creation, preservation and distribution of motorcycle arts. Now, if you can’t get to New York to see the exhibitions you can see them online with millions of other like-minded voyeurs of two-wheeled eye candy. Merry Christmas and happy reading.

Peter Serhatlic Funeral Arrangements

Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists - Funeral arrangements Peter Serhatlic

Former inspector Peter Serhatlic, 63 years, passed away suddenly on 11 December 2022. Peter served in Doncaster and Traffic. After leaving South Yorkshire Police, Peter joined IAM RoadSmart as a Regional Area Manager. He helped to steer local IAM affiliated groups through the many changes to advanced rider training. He always gave his honest opinion and encouraged SAM and other groups to develop their training approaches. He always recognised and supported the SAM Club’s independent charitable status, helping us to become the successful Club we are today.

 Peter’s funeral will take place at 9.30am on Friday 6 January 2023 at St, John’s Church, Mexborough. Then to Mexborough cemetery for burial and afterwards at Rotherham golf club. SAM members aren’t needed for a motorcycle escort.

Rest in Peace

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Paul Conway
Editor & Webmaster, Sheffield Advanced Motorcyclists

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