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It’s been a hot week so we hope that you stayed hydrated. Last Sunday, Kevin Williams gave us some great advice on hydration whilst riding. Our friends at the South Yorkshire Safer Road Partnership have made a brilliant effort in promoting advanced motorcycling and the SAM Club. South Yorkshire Police has re-started Bike Safe, so spread the word for them. It always helps to get more members into the SAM Club. Apparently, you can always tell an advanced rider by the way they ride. To us, this was never in doubt but recent research, with a few caveats that you should read, supports that belief too. Did you know that there are around 200 medical conditions that you need to report to the DVLA. Some of them might surprise you so it might be helpful to revise what you think you know. There is an interesting question in this week’s newsletter about the 10 things that, as a biker, you should never do…but probably did anyway; and, do you still know the 5Ws of a riding plan? Don’t look at the answers before you check them. It seems that powered light vehicles, including motorcycles, are now included in the UK government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan. MAG has some issues with it but the MCIA welcomes the chance to contribute. If a week is a long time in politics, who knows what the ‘plan’ will look like in 14 years time. In the EU, the Denmark Transport Minister is backing roadside motorcycle inspections, instead of periodic motorcycle inspections (MOTs), as there is no evidence that periodic inspections contribute to road safety. The Danish parliament aims to enact legislation in September 2021 to come into force in 2022. The aim of the legislation is to target ‘problem motorcycles’. This legislation may affect UK bikers when they travel through Europe. Ending onn a more hopeful note, Adelaide Insurance has a competition for a new bike – and there’s a choice of what brands you can buy. Always worth a go because someone has to win!

Read, enjoy and share. Until next week…

Stay healthy and ride safe, Ed.

Remember: braking distances are at least double on wet surfaces.